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be very, very careful this morning. that rain really coming down overnight. of course, we have those strong gusty winds as the front approached and we're not done yet. hi-def doppler showing that you rainfall that is working its way in along the peninsula, parts of the east bay starting to taper off a little bit in the north bay right now but still have some cells that will bring down some moderate amounts of rainfall you can see near 880 and 580. we have some good cells moving there, plenty more in along the peninsula, too. so the showers continuing outside. it looks like this whole system is going to begin to wind down a little bit but still, we're starting out very stormy. if you can sleep in and avoid the travel, that's probably best. it looks like skies will part toward the afternoon. the temperatures right now are running very, very mild. 60 degrees in san jose. 60 in oakland. and 59 degrees in san francisco. i think as we head toward the afternoon the system is going to finally slide out of town but you see all the clouds here rolling through and then on the back side we have a few more so i think this morning we are looking at a bit of wet weather
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again and then it will start to taper off and we'll see sunshine this afternoon and we'll dry things out outside. morning showers and delays at sfo if you are head there is so be careful. we'll see plenty of delays there. things will taper off in the afternoon. around the country a good travel day into houston 81 degrees there. 75 in denver, 59 in chicago, afternoon hours we are going to see those temperatures running up mainly into the 60s again and it should be dry by the afternoon. but elizabeth, this morning, very, very wet. >> reports coming in from the chp mentioned flooding along the embarcadero. that right lane is blocked off as you are coming into san francisco right now as you approach mission. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no big incidents so far this morning if you are heading into san francisco and crossing the bridge. fortunately traffic is light but this is one of the busiest
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travel days of the year. a lot of overnight roadwork is suspended but you will find it on the dumbarton bridge, stretches of 84 this morning. mass transit might be a great option. we'll have much more traffic coming up including a listing of some other spots we're seeing flooding across the bay area. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> i'll take it, thank you, liz. 4:32. rain is creating a challenge for travelers trying get out of the bay area for the thanksgiving holiday. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran over at sfo with some tips on how to ease your time at the airport. cate, take it away. >> reporter: these are some new tips i haven't even heard before so you want to stay tuned for that but i want to give you an update. i just got off the phone with airport officials who say as of now, there are no delays. but obviously that could change. let's talk about general air travel. it's on the decline but sfo is
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expecting more travelers than last year about a 3% increase. 3.1million people will fly in the country and 1.2 million will pass through this airport between friday and november 25. that means it's going to be a very, very busy next couple of days so we have some new holiday tricks for you that you might want to keep in mind as you get ready this morning to travel. one, check your own bag. some airlines will let you skip the counter and tag it yourself. second tip, precheck with tsa. they have a new program this year if you sign up, you can pass through a separate security line. and 3, of course, there is an app for that. there's a new smartphone app that keeps track of security lines so you'll know how much time you will spend. and frank and michelle, again, these are reall handy tips to keep in mind because it's expected to be one of the
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busiest days for air travelers specifically to sfo. i read an article on the huffington post that says it's one of the top eight busiest airports to avoid this year. so these tips could help you speed through the lines and get to your holidays in a timely manner. live at sfo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a man has been found dead after he went missing while looking for his cat. divers located and recovered the man's body early this morning. he drowned in about 30 feet of water in an old quarry behind the rockridge shopping center. >> half hour to an hour, his roommate or friend went to look for him because he hadn't returned. he found him flashlight, 10 to 15 feet from the ledge, the back side of the property and didn't find the friend. >> officials think he slipped on the wet ground and fell into the quarry surrounded by steep cliffs. the crisis in the middle east took another ugly turn in israel today as a bomb ripped through a bus in tel aviv.
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israeli officials say at least 10 people were injured. here are the latest numbers in the current conflict between israel and palestinians. five people in israel have been killed by rocket fire launched from the gaza strip and in gaza the death toll is now more than 130 since israel began bombing them last week. here's more now from cbs reporter susan mcginnis. reporter: a bomb destroyed a bus in tel aviv, israel, wednesday. the blast blew out the windows and wounded at least 10 people. investigators don't yet know if the bombing is connected to the battle being waged in the gaza strip. hamas and israel continue their aerial assault on each other. hamas has launched more than 200 rockets in the past 24 hours and israel bombed dozens of targets overnight. >> we are in a battle to save lives. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with secretary of state hillary clinton tuesday night. he says israel is hoping for a
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peaceful end to the fighting. >> if there's a possibility of achieving a long-term solution to had problem through diplomatic means, we prefer that. >> reporter: clinton assured israel of u.s. support. >> the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end. >> reporter: secretary clinton met with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas this morning and will lead are egyptian president mohamed morsi later today. >> the goal is to promote regional stability and advance the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> reporter: egyptian president mohamed morsi is seen as critical to any peace deal. his muslim brotherhood is hamas' parent organization but egypt also has close ties to america and relies heavily on u.s. aid. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. and some journalists have been incredibly close to the
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action. this is what cbs reporter charlie d'agata saw from his gaza city hotel room this morning as israeli military launched dozens of air strikes. he tweeted huge explosions in gaza, blew out the window of my room. we're all okay. it's getting very close. the man who shot and killed two people at the richmond bridge found he wants the jury wants him to die. nathan burris murdered his girlfriend and her friend on the toll plaza. yesterday he turned to them in court, and yelled, i blew your brother's brains out, nothing you can do about it, and then he laughed. >> i can never forgive him. i hate him. i'm glad they gave him the death penalty. >> we were weighing the lives two of priceless people, deborah ross and ersie everette, versus the life of a guy who had proven to us through his testimony, his
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actions in the court, to be worthless. >> another juror said death was too good for him. the prosecutor added that he has never seen someone so hateful. burris will be back in court next month for the judge's formal sentencing. nurses striking for the second day. the walkout involves 3300 nurses and hundreds of technicians. the key issue, staffing levels and whether nurses can have paid sick leave. a sutter spokesman says pay hikes would hurt the company. replacement nurses have been brought in to keep the hospitals open. the one-day strike at the port of oakland is over. new contract talks are planned. custodial and maintenance workers set up picket lines to stop work at the port yesterday and also picketed the oakland airport but didn't block passengers trying to board planes. contract talks broke down last spring. pay, benefits and retirement contributions are the sticking points. a bankruptcy judge could decide as soon as today whether hostess brands can go out of
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business. the judge had ordered hostess and one of its unions to mediation but the company says yesterday's talks failed. hostess decided to liquidate this month after it was crippled by a strike. other companies have already expressed interest in acquiring the rights to some hostess products. federal labor officials are expected to decide today whether to stop a union-backed group from encouraging a walmart employee walkout on friday. the retailer asked the labor board to step in saying picket lines could disrupt business on one of the biggest shopping days. dispute is mainly over pay and benefits. it's not clear how widespread the labor action would be. here's a warning for holiday thieves thinking about stealing packages fro porches. you will be watched. that was the case recently in fremont where surveillance equipment captured images of the thief. the homeowner believes the woman had been shadowing u.p.s. trucks on meyer park circle before stealing a package as well as a bag of food donations
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left for charity. he hopes the footage will legal to the thief being caught. >> this woman messed with the wrong techie. >> that's probably a safe bet. >> u.p.s. workers are trained to place packages out of the view from the street if the customers aren't home. a spokesman says the company will investigate the case. >> that's too bad, isn't it? >> but they caught her. >> sort of. >> hopefully they can, you know, find her. 4:40 now. should you have the right to bare all? the new rules on whether you can walk around naked in public here in san francisco. >> plus, crews say they can smell the finish line. what's being called the last major milestone for the new bay bridge. >> and this little piggy went for a dive. the surprising reason one farmer taught his pig this amazing trick, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bacon. and this is it... he makes his pigs dive into a d from this 10-foot high platm
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at least three times a day.e fa se a travelers makes his pigs dye into a pond from the 10- foot-high platform at least three times a day. they apparently like it, too. the farmer claims that this exercise makes his little piggies leaner and makes them taste a lot better. he also says he is able to make three times more money selling the leaner pigs instead of the ordinary chubbier pigs. >> i don't know if i'm disturbed by that or -- >> you got to laugh a little. >> in the end, these guys become bacon. >> he is letting them have fun so they're tastier. >> are they enjoying that? >> looks like it. >> would you like to go for a high dive? >> goodness. >> weather around the bay area today kind of crazy. this is a busy travel day. folks heading out this morning that rain is coming down. roads a mess. high-def doppler radar shows you most of that moisture is heading a little further to the south. along the peninsula. you see the north bay beginning to dry out. more rain this morning and then
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tapering off but there's some pockets of moderates amounts of rainfall. if you are traveling around be careful toward milpitas into san jose coming towards sunnyvale and, of course, along the peninsula. we are seeing showers continuing there. that will taper off toward the middle of the day. by the afternoon becoming partly cloudy. a little stormy to start out this morning. cloudy skies, showers continuing outside. 50s and low 60s. so mild early on. by the afternoon skies will begin to part. the temperatures won't be bad mainly into the 60s but the showers will have ended probably about the late morning and by noontime it looks like those showers will be done that. means dry in the afternoon so if you can travel later in the day that's probably the best. you can see the cold front diving through the bay area bringing strong gusty winds as it rolled by. behind that there's one more shot of rain right here. we may see that push through later on keeping showers going on a little longer this morning. the cold front passing today. as it moves out, high pressure builds in. it's a wet start to the day but as we head in toward thanksgiving we should dry things out very nicely.
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in fact, the weather is going to warm up and maybe 70s around the bay area. temperatures around the state you will see 60s into the central valley, showers just about everywhere you go. by the afternoon that will start to taper off, although watch out if you are planning to head to the high country winter weather advisories, upwards of 5" of snow, snow level 7,000 feet, gusty winds to 65 miles per hour. around the bay area today, talking highs only in the 60s but not bad. next couple of days we dry things out. this is it. it looks like tomorrow will be very nice. lots of sunshine, some 70s friday and saturday, and dry weather continuing right through the weekend. of course, if you want more on the hi-def doppler radar, see if it's in your neighborhood, check it out at then you will see your hi-def doppler for your neighborhood right there. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> cool stuff. get traffic information on our website, as well. if you are about to head off four your morning drive it's
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dangerous out there. we are getting spinout reports across the bay area. a jackknifed big rig, you can barely see traffic right now heading towards the dublin interchange but if you are continuing eastbound 580 right there in livermore approaching north greenville, we have a jackknifed big rig blocking several lanes of traffic, a costco big rig, traffic stacking up behind it, it's against the commute but good sized delays. elsewhere it is wet all across the bay area. this is a live look in santa clara near great america parkway. this is 101 traffic. it looks okay at this hour, 101 coming up from san jose. but again, be extra careful. we're seeing about 13 different incident reports right now from chp kind of marking all the different accidents across the bay area. this is what it looks like across the golden gate bridge. a lot of the overnight roadwork has been suspended so we are not seeing major roadwork on either en of the span of the golden gate bridge so it looks
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good heading into san francisco from marin county no big delays to san rafael towards the waldo grade. this is a live look at our milpitas camera 880/237 where things are light. the only roadwork we can find this morning is crossing the dumbarton bridge so heads up. westbound and eastbound 84 should be wrapping up shortly. that is a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. in "your world this morning," india has hanged the sole surviving gunman from the terror attack in mumbai. he was denied clemency then executed today. he was one of several pakistani gunmen who blazed through india's financial capital in 2008 killing 166 people. the attack heavily damaged relations between the neighboring countries. former boxing champion hector macho camacho is expected to survive after he was shot in the face in puerto rico. investigators say camacho was sitting in his car near san juan when a gunman opened fire.
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another man in the car was killed. volcano eruption in new zealand forcing the cancellation of airline flights in the region but no significant damage. dozens of people were walking on trails at the base. tanning arear row national park has three volcanos. newly released video is firing up the debate on whether tasers are as nonlethal as advertised. video shows a driver going know cardiac arrest after struggling with police officers. she took three jolts in the chest after refusing to give them her purse. cpr revived her. >> it's hard to exonerate a taser when you see a woman who clearly was fine up until the
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point she was tasered and then becomes unconscious loses her pulse and then is in sudden cardiac death. how can you tell me that using a taser is completely benign especially when we have it on videotape. >> in a statement, the chp says the use of the taser appeared to be within their policy. the woman was later charged with resisting arrest. she is planning to sue the chp. a santa clara county supervisor is under investigation by the district attorney's office. board president george shirakawa is accused of violating state campaign ethics laws and misusing public funds. he is not denying allegation he wasted taxpayer money on fancy meals, resorts and political contributions. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political lynching that you read today and continue to read about in the print media. i want you to understand that for 50 years, i have been nurtured and raised and lived in peace in this community.
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>> shirakawa has paid back more than $5,000 for expenses he charged on his county credit card. san francisco is joining most of the nation in requiring people now to wear clothing in public. >> shame on you! >> shame on you! >> as you can see, some people objected yesterday after the board of supervisors voted to ban public nudity. the bill sponsor scott weiner says there needs to be a balance of rights. >> taking your pants off at castro market and displaying your genitals to everyone, that's not free expression. >> starting in february, first- time violators will face a $100 fine. a third offense will be $500 and a year in jail. and the supervisors also passed a building code change to allow construction of those so-called microapartments here in the city. the tiny dwellings would be as small as 220 square feet and,
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yes, that would include a closet and a bathroom and a not so palatial bedroom. the projected rent not so small, though, up to $1,700 a month for a shoe box. >> $1,700. amazing. like a growing child that can finally stand on its own, $6.3 billion legs, the bay bridge is suspended no longer sitting on support towers you see below it. the process of shifting the weight off of the temporary support took about three months. now the weight of the bridge is supported by a single one-mile- long cable. >> this is the main cable that's doing all the heavy lifting now. it's made up of 17,399 five millimeter diameter wires that run from one end of the bridge to the top of the tower around the back and connects back on the other side. what that means is that this bridge holds itself up the cable actually connecting into its deck. >> what makes this bridge unique is that the cables are all draped from that one single
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tower and it should be open by the way by labor day 2013. >> a lot of gawking going on. wow. >> you have to look over at it. 4:52 right now. cal is looking for a new football coach. the new candidate to replace jeff tedford. >> birth control without a prescription. who wants it and who says it should not. >> flushed with embarrassment. a public bathroom with see through walls. what happened when some people gave it a try. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. showers continuing around the bay area with flooding.
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it's coming to an end. we'll tell you when coming up. we have a major problem now developing in livermore. they just went ahead and issued a traffic alert for this jackknifed big rig blocking all but one lane on eastbound 580 as you approach vasco road. we're also watching a couple of new spinouts coming in and flooding reports across the bay area. much more on your kind of treacherous traffic commute in just a few minutes. >> thank you. well, it could be easier for women to get birth control. some doctors are pushing for contraception to be available without prescription. that means women would be able to get birth control over-the- counter. nearly 5 million women considered at risk for unintended pregnancy do not use any kind of birth control and supporters say easier access to change that. >> women who aren't currently using any contraception or who are using a less effective method might start using the pill. >> but some medical professionals say that over-the-
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counter birth control without any medical oversight will lead to misuse. some say this artistic exhibit in texas is creepy. >> i think so. it's a public bathroom with completely see-through walls. it's modeled after an italian art exhibit. it's the first of its kind in the united states. and you can pretty much see the crowd hanging outside but they can't see you. >> that's good. >> i think it's really unique and i have been standing outside long enough to know that i could not see in so it wasn't too bad but it was crazy having four men locking in the door. [ laughter ] >> a little strange. city leaders say this is the last place creeps want to hang out, too, that's because they have security cameras installed nearby. look at that. they have their cameras out and everything. >> can you imagine someone pressed up against the glass? >> when i'm doing my business, i just want the doors closed. >> we'll remember that. 4:57. taking a bite out of hostess. talks to save the snack maker
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falling through. >> plus, horse thieves are targeting bay area homes. how one bay area man turned the tables. >> rain is coming down just in time for a lot of folks to hit the roads today. we'll tell you about when it's going to stop coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. tragedy in the east bay a man disappearing searching for his cat. where crews finally found his body. >> a bomb blast in tel aviv leaves ten people injured in an explosion in jerusalem. how the attack is impacting the cease-fire talks. >> showers continuing around the bay area. but i see an end in sight. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have a jackknifed big rig blocking lanes right now in livermore and more flooding reports coming in. much more on your wet commute coming up. good morning, it's we

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